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Since 2017

What is Queer Olympix?

As women and LGBTIQA+ individuals who have been playing football on astroturf fields in various parts of the city for a while, we asked ourselves if we could create the crowds we miss through sports, if we could establish the sentence “we exist in the public sphere” through sports, and we have been looking for answers to these questions every year since 2017 with Queer Olympix.

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What have been doing so far

From 2015 to 2020, in addition to coming together for regular football matches, we organized five events in Istanbul, and participated in many others, including one in Berlin, two in Bologna, one in Belgrade and one in Skopje. As Queer Olympix, we have organized eight Queer Olympixes since 2017, seven in Istanbul and one in Berlin, each lasting three days! In this section, you can access the video and photo archive of the events.


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Queer Olympix 2021 Result: Lubunyas 1 – Paparons 0

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