The news we shared below was prepared for on September 21, 2022:

”Turkey’s first queer Olympics, Queer Olympix, took place this year despite all the pressure and bans.

Queer Olympix, Turkey’s first queer Olympics, which has been held in Istanbul since 2017, took place this year as well.

Queer Olympix was banned by Kadıköy District Governorship in 2019; Social Policies, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association took the ban to court.

Kadıköy District Governorate could not submit any documents to the court regarding the Queer Olympix ban, and the Court decided that the ban was unlawful. Queer Olympix, which has been tried to be prevented by banning since 2019, took place this year despite the bans.

“Lubunyas continue to find each other in the public sports areas of this city”

My team shared this year of Queer Olympix, organized by LGBTI+ football team Atletik Dildoa, as follows:

“We organized the 6th Queer Olympix this year. This video is from Queer Olympix, which we organized last year. Despite all the obstacles, lubunyas continue to find each other and spread in the public sports areas of this city!

“Ours is a struggle for existence against the hatred you organize. LGBTI+ people have always been an integral part of this society and this geography. From the streets to the sports fields, we will always be here with our joy, memory, resistance, love, our diverse and unique bodies, and our gender expressions.

“We draw our strength from the language of peace, fair play and our belief in living together. WE ARE SPREADDING THROUGH SPORTS!”