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Since 2017

What is Queer Olympix?

Being LGBTIQA+ and women, inevitably leads us to learn various maneuvers, self-defense techniques, and various strategies while navigating the city. Especially in recent times, the restrictions brought about by political and societal pressure in public spaces unfortunately do not allow for the lively resistances and entertainments we experience in major squares… As women and LGBTIQA+ individuals who have been playing football in various indoor soccer fields around the city for a while, we asked ourselves if we can recreate the crowds we miss through sports, and if we can establish the phrase “we exist in public spaces” through sports as well, and since 2017, every year, we have been seeking the answers to these questions with Queer Olympix. Queer Olympix is ​​a three-day sports event that we organize to alleviate some of the difficulties we face due to many discriminatory, sexist, and phobic discourses and actions within city life as women and LGBTIQA+ individuals, to come together, and to say “we are present in public spaces, we will exist”. After the ban decision that came to our events in 2019, we continue to hold these events without announcing them publicly. We believe that sport is one of the ways to liberate our bodies, besides its unifying power for the masses, and every year, we come together with queer sports teams, local organizations, and individual participants to create this experience together.


(Turkish) Cinsiyetçiliği Topa Tuttuk!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish. Kaos Kültür Merkezi’nde 12-13 Mart 2016 hafta sonu düzenlenen “Politik Bir Eylem Alanı Olarak Beden: 5. Uluslararası Feminist Forum”un ikinci gününde, sanat tarihinde cinsiyetli beden ve cinsiyetçiliği eleştiren oturumlar ardından Mor Barikat,…

Score me the goals Tournament

The news shared below was prepared by Deniz A. for on July 18, 2016: “A tournament for those who want to enjoy recieving goals, not scoring them, and intersecting in dribbles… The tournament for those who want to enjoy…

Scoring Criteria

As much as we verbalize our dreams of a different world and discrimination-free football fields, we also emphasize the importance of demonstrating these ideals in spontaneous improvisations on the field. We believe that this isn't something that comes naturally with our sexual orientations, identities, or opposing worldviews. Sometimes, it even requires effort against our own reflexes, contrary to what our bodies have learned so far. We eagerly anticipate coming together in fair, creative team games where passes are evenly distributed and profanity is absent!

Beach Volleyball Scoring:

Gözlemci Hakem takımlara aşağıdaki kriterler üzerinden puan verir. Bu puana takımların birbirine verdiği puan eklenir. En çok puanı alan takım kazanır.
Eşit Paslaşma ve Takım Oyunu: 1-10 Puan Arası
Takım halinde hareket eden, eşit paslaşma ve centilkürlük içeren oyunlar yüksek puan alır.
Bir takım olarak hareket eden, eşit pasların, centilkur hareketlerin yaşandığı takımlar yüksek puan alır. Deneyimlilerin önde kendi başına gol atmaya yönelik oynadığı takımlar düşük puan alır. Queer Olympix’ de kimse fasülyeden sayılmaz!
Bireysel hedeflere odaklanan takımlar düşük puan alır.
Sert / Tehlikeli Oyun: 0 – Eksi 10 Puan Arası
Omuz atma, hırsa gelme, abanarak vurma, çekiştirme, ayağını çok yukarı açma, kontrolsüz ve karşı takımı düşünmeden tehlikeli oynama vb. hareketler sebebiyle -10’ a kadar not kırılabilir. Amacımızın eğlenmek ve insanları futbol oynamaya teşvik etmek olduğunu hatırlatalım. 🙂
Ayrımcı Söylem: 0 – Eksi 10 Puan Arası
Top direkten döndü ve ağzınızdan …. Ifadesi çıktı. Takımınızdan -10’ a kadar not kırılabilir.
Karşı Takımdan Aldığınız Puan: 1 – 10 Puan Arası
Maç Sonucu:
Kazanan takıma 2 puan, kaybeden takıma 1 puan, beraberlikte her takıma 1,5 puan verilir.
Toplam Puan: Dostluğun Kazandığı Bir Queer Olympix

Football Scoring:

Observer Referees assign points to teams based on the following criteria. The points given by teams to each other are added up, and the team with the highest score wins.

Equal Passing and Team Play: 1-10 Points

Teams that move as one, engaging in equal passing and sportsmanlike behavior, receive high scores.
Teams that focus on individual goals and attempts at scoring alone receive low scores. Nobody is sidelined at Queer Olympix!

Rough / Dangerous Play: 0 – Minus 10 Points

Actions like shoulder charging, succumbing to aggression, forcefully pushing, pulling, excessively raising one’s leg, playing recklessly without considering the opposing team can result in deductions up to -10 points.
Let’s remember our aim is to have fun and encourage people to play football!
Discriminatory Language: 0 – Minus 10 Points

If phrases like “The ball hit the post, and from your mouth…” are uttered, your team can lose up to -10 points.
Respect and tolerance are paramount.

Points from the Opposing Team: 1 – 10 Points

Match Result:

Winners receive 2 points, losers receive 1 point, and in a draw, each team receives 1.5 points.

Total Points: A Queer Olympix where Friendship Prevails

Our Policy Documents

Group Agreement

Group agreement/text is open to revision and discussion. *Let’s not engage in ableism, let’s not assume that every body will have the same opportunities to do everything. **Non-violent language/communication: Criticizing the action/statement itself rather than directly criticizing a person’s statement…